Self-Employment Ideas

Consultancy for Small Business Ideas & Opportunities
PAT FRANK will help you find the work that is right for you


"I have used Pat Frank's business advisory service and can thoroughly recommend it. Before I went to see Pat I had a few ideas but nothing concrete. Pat gave me a lots of ideas that I had not even thought about and there is one in particular that I am pursuing now. I would definitely say without Pat's help I would not be pursuing my business. Definitely money well spent!"

Darren, Dagenham

"I am now running my own advisory service in the fields of Quality Assurance, Technical Training & Personal Computers. I doubt I would have gathered the resources to take the plunge without Pat's helpful and reassuring advice. I am very glad I did."

D.G.E. Heathfield

"The self employment suggestions made were very appropriate. I now have far more of an aim in life and look forward to making a start on something challenging. Many thanks for your invaluable guidance, it was money well spent. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who might benefit from your advice."

D.K Tonbridge

"About 12 years ago I had my first consultation with Pat Frank. I had been working in Marketing and felt disillusioned and knew I wanted a career change. I didn’t know what it should be or how to go about making the transition to a new field.

After a comprehensive psychometric test Pat was able to identify three clear areas in my work that any new job should encompass

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Research.

Pat then gave me a clear list of career options and training requirements for each option.
It was a large list of options and Pat helped me to narrow it down. I knew that I could not afford extensive re-training and I did not want to become a full time student for a long period. With Pat’s enthusiasm and knowledge of relevant courses I felt much more confidant to enrol on a part time interior design course. Pat also encouraged me to get part time work in a related field so I found a job with a fabric distribution company.
Since my change in career I established a successful interior design business in London for 10 years . Two years ago I moved to Brighton and found it more difficult to find business and I felt as though I needed a change. So back to Pat Frank. Again I got good sound advice. She recommended I lecture in my field and worked for a charity part time to satisfy my desire to feel I was not just working for the wealthy.
Since my visit I have started to work as a volunteer for half a day for a children’s charity and I am doing my first Interior Design lecture in July. Pat also encouraged me to carry on with interior design work as it pays the bills. Now, with the other lines of work I have I am very happy to be an interior designer.
The cost of visiting Pat was money well worth spending. Pat’s dynamic nature and positive advice made me believe in myself and pave the way for my career development. Also I feel that Pat works with her heart and gives 100% to make sure she is giving the best possible advice so I would highly recommend her services"

Maria, Brighton