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Are you the right type of person to be self-employed?
Here is a list of characteristics which help in business. See how many of them apply to you...

Self-employment - Personal Inventory

  • I've got the physical energy to keep working long hours if necessary
  • I believe in my own abilities
  • I can make long-term commitments and work to distant goals
  • I'm motivated by the prospect of making money
  • I adopt a problem solving approach and relish difficult tasks
  • I can set myself challenging but attainable goals
  • I analyse situations and come up with solutions to problems
  • I'll take calculated risks
  • If I make mistakes I can learn from them
  • I know when to seek advice
  • I can cope with stress
  • I can handle ambiguous or uncertain situations
  • I set myself high standards and make sure I meet them
  • I think on my feet and can change my objectives in response to situations
  • I have a high degree of commitment to any project I get involved with
  • I take personal responsibility for tasks I take on
  • I set out to find creative and innovative solutions to problems
  • I can motivate others
  • I am a good organiser
  • I can be assertive without being aggressive
  • I am a positive thinker

Below is an assessment sheet listing some of the qualities, which are considered to be useful for self-employment.

We suggest you complete the form or ask someone who knows you well to assess you by filling in the form.

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Is good at getting things done
Is out-going and confident
Is a good communicator
Can win people over without getting their backs up
Is single-minded and independent
Can take quick decisions
Can work alone
Can take criticism
Is open minded and can take advice
Is flexible and adaptable
Is prepared to take risks
Is ambitious and wants to get on
Is hard working and determined
Can handle set-backs
Will go against the flow and stand out in a crowd
Is creative and comes up with new ideas