Self-Employment Ideas

PAT FRANK will help you find the self employment idea that is right for you

How does she do this ?

By asking you to complete some additional questionnaires which will be sent to you by post when requested, followed by:

The Process

 Pat will:

  • Listen to your thoughts, feelings and concerns
  • Make sure that she tailors her advice to your needs
  • Assess your completed questionnaires
  • Identify your skills, talents, interests and assets
  • Match these to a choice of self employment ideas (not MLM - multi level marketing)
  • Evaluate your own business idea(s) if this is what you would like to do
  • Discuss your choices with you at a face-to-face personal consultation (approx 2 hours in Mid-Sussex) or during 2 telephone advisory sessions (approx. 50-60 mins each) depending upon our geographical locations in relation to one another

 So that:

  • You are able to choose what type of business you would like to start

  • Your are filled with confidence, interest and excitement

  • You feel you have all the advice, support and information you need to establish and get your new business off the ground.

 Which means that:

You will "Find Your Niche", realise your dream and know you are doing the work you were born to do.

The process described above costs just £95 (Concessionary £75)

To help you decide whether you are a suitable candidate for self-employment why not get a friend or relative to help you complete the attached form and then see how you feel?


Am I suitable for Self-Employment?